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            Welcome to Benz Exports - Exporting to the world...

            At Benz Exports we offer you a wide variety of solutions for all kind of Indian Food, Spices , General Provision and Leather items like Belts, Wallets and Purses. We are specialized in export of Branded products, products in customer’s own Brand, in customized consumer packing and such other assorted product. We offer stuffing of miscellaneous items in a consolidated container. We also guarantee the most competitive prices and assure prompt delivery.

            We solicit your enquiries for all kinds of Indian Food Products such as Ready to eat, Snacks, Mouth Freshner, all kinds of Sweets ? Gujarati sweets, Bengali Sweets and Misthans.

            We also specialize in all kind of Indian Spices, Indian Herbal products, Tea / Coffee products.

            Other than food products we also can supply

            - all kinds of Sports products ? CarromBoard, Cricket bats, balls, stumps, etc...
            - all kind of kinds of kitchen / household items.
            - Incense / Agarbatties sticks
            - Musical Instruments.
            - Indian Religous Books and other items.

            Ready to EatIndian Food StuffSnacksMukhwasSweets and MisthanIndian SpicesMilk FlavorsTea CoffeeProvisionalCosmetic and HerbalHousehold and Kitchen itemsSports ItemsMusical itemsDrinks and SyrupsLeather items

            Online Quotation

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